In a Nutshell

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Freedom
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I am a 9/11 Truther, and an Obama birther.
I believe there is a major conspiracy between our Government leaders, large corporations and the Main Stream Media that they are giving us false information about our medical system, education system and economy. I spend hours upon hours combing websites blogs and media outlets sifting through the gobbeldy-gook looking for hard facts.

A few years ago I was like alot of my fellow citizens thinking people like G. Edward Griffin and Dr. Ron Paul were doing nothing but trying to get attention until I started finding official documents that supported their claims against the very people that say they have our best interests at heart.
That is not the case.

While some of the people in my family, close friends, respected acquaintances and the like are watching mind numbing shows like Jersey Shore and American Idol, or getting so wrapped up worshipping sports stars and arguing with others on those subjects, I read. All the time.

So, call me a kook. If I’m on a track to the insane asylum or wasting my time with things that aren’t true. I will apologize to each and every one of you that calls me out on it.
With that said, if we the Constitutional kooks are right, not only will I expect the same apology but I will say to you with all my conviction… Told ya so.

I feel obligated to save our country and our childrens future by sharing every bit of info I can find to give you the option to learn. If you choose not to, who will you blame?
Not me.

I refuse to live in fear that we ‘might’ be attacked by some foreign entity. And I further refuse to allow the criminals running our country to force me to believe that what they
are doing is for our protection.

9/11 was a tragedy indeed, we dropped our guard. Not we the gov’t, We the People. We are so on guard now that if some supposed rogue terrorist even attempted to start shit on a plane everyone on board would kick the living shit out of him. Am I wrong?

That’s me, in a nutshell.

  1. Samantha Young says:

    That nutshell, contains one very smart man. I am proud to call you a close friend.

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