Do We Really Need Someone To Hate To Feel Alive?

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Freedom
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This is probably one of the most heated debates going on in the world right now and I just want to give my perspective. This in no way reflects my personal belief on the subject. 

Gay marriage.

Now, there are many people that think being homosexual is a genetic trait, and studies have been done to the extent that I don’t even know what was concluded. There is also an equal amount of people who think homosexuality is a social condition (not sure how else to put it) caused by trauma, up-bringing etc.

Now my observation, is this. If people that are more on the side of the genetic argument (wether pro or anti), stick to that belief, then eventually the genetic trait would die out merely from the fact of non-natural inability to procreate right? So in essence it would be considered on the brink of extinction. Unless, you try to interject my next point into your argument thus nullifying your own.

This next point for the people that believe it is more of a social/environmental issue. Instead of attacking said people you consider to be traumatized(again, wether pro or anti), would it not be in your best interest to befriend them if your beliefs and actions could facilitate their recovery of what you consider unnatural/immoral behavior? Instead of reinforcing their so-called behavioral issue by using hate speak or religious attacks? Unless you interject my first point into your argument thus nullifying your beliefs also.

My final point is this- stay the fuck out of peoples bedrooms and keep whatever you do in yours to yourselves. We’d all be much happier no?

Marry a goat if you want, as long as the goat consents, who should judge? Not me.

I’ll be over here with the Paulbots if you need me. And thanks for reading.

  1. Samantha Leigh says:

    Lol @ the Paulbots 😉 Great job hun!

  2. lindyjayne says:

    A genetic trait will not necessarily die out. For instance, some people have a genetic disposition toward cancer but that in no way means an automatic death sentence or that they will ever even have the cancer develop. It’s just the way their DNA is. If your argument that it would die out is valid, why do we still see cases of cancer?

    *Disclaimer: Please do not bombard Scott or myself with rants of, “OMG! She just said that homosexuality is a disease!” That is not what I meant & you know it. And frankly, your inference of such says more about you than it does about me. So there.

    • scottwb1973 says:

      True that their is a genetic link to cancer but there are also environmental factors with cancer. People exposed to asbestos smoking etc. may not show signs of cancer but it could be passed through their genes no? And thank you for the pre-emptive back getting. I know there are holes in this blog post and I think that uss one of my points on this entire issue. People seem to frequently use emotion more than logic. I’m guilty for sure in that sense. Thanks for your comment Linda 🙂

  3. lindyjayne says:

    There certainly are cases of cancer that have no family history, no genetic marker. I just like a good debate. And I haven’t talked to you in forever. So keep the issues coming.

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