My Two Cents(used to be worth a dollar)

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Freedom, Uncategorized
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Here’s what I see.

We have been crippled.  Crippled by debt, crippled by deception, and crippled by fear.

I see that we have been duped into thinking that what we say matters. That is false.

It is time to act.

We have been slaves to a system that thought long ago to find ways to manipulate us in a way that gives us confidence to further their motives while stripping our identity and freedom.

This must stop.

Every time I try to put type to screen I am bogged down in thought and research that I’m not sure I’ll ever get everything out in a way that people can understand, but I keep trying. The problem is I think the time for talk is over.

Action is inevitable.

From the day we were created we have been used as a commodity by bankers who think they own us.

Just that sentence should infuriate you. Not because I wrote it but because it’s true.

It’s time to turn off the t.v., the xbox and the attitude and start grouping.

They have now made our right to assemble an illegal act. The next step is for them to pick us all up and concentrate us into their areas of control.

Does any of this sound familiar?
It does to me. Auschwitz.

We have lost all property rights and rights to travel freely. They are clamping down because they see that we (some of us anyway) are aware of their final move to world domination and we are making them nervous. But we need bigger numbers.

The Revolutionary War was fought and won by roughly 3% of the population but today that won’t be enough. Back then the freedom fighters had the same weapons as their opponent but today we can be wiped out by remote controlled drones.

The one thing they have no control over is our love of liberty and our fellow man.

Please join in the fight for Liberty before they start eliminating us.

When you hear talk of a fight between good and evil? W are in that fight right now.


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