I Just Do Not Know What Else To Say or Do

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Break the Chains
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In recent months I have lost contact with people I love and respect for my continual barrage of political information I choose to share on my social network page. I have been told that I am acting like I’m better than them or I make them feel like I’m putting them down for having fun and living a care free life.

I’m sorry if you felt personally attacked. Most of my posts were meant generally and I only ever rebutted when you decided to share your opinions on the info I provided. Some of the conversations got pretty heated and I reacted in ways that actually went against the original point I was trying to make. My most sincere apologies!

But here are the cold hard facts.

We have become a society full of consumption, self indulgence and ignorance. Myself included. I’m not making any attempt to say I’m more righteous or smarter than anyone that reads this, but the information that is becoming more and more accessible is causing me to see that I am a few steps ahead of an enormous quantity of my fellow men and women.

We have got to get out of the ‘fast food, high school keg stand’ frame of mind and force ourselves into a very uncomfortable realization that we are being turned into nameless, faceless slaves that mean nothing to the people in charge but an avenue to facilitate their desires.

They have forced our children to obey everything they say without any questioning or be punished, and more recently have decided that you are their property and everything you do, say or buy, or even anywhere you go, is at their discretion.

The cars you buy, or the house, or equipment, food, appliances, pets, anything, can now be taken from you without any means of legal refusal or recourse.

We have got to stand tall guys, we need to let go of those vices we have become so dependent upon and start doing things to perpetuate our survival.

Do I drink? Sure do. Love my Champagne of Beers. Do I smoke? Unfortunately yes. A demon I have yet to overcome. Did I involve my children in sports under the guise of exercise, social interaction and a feeling of doing what’s in their best interest? Sure did. And I’m sure it was good for them in some way, but with the things I know now I realize I wasn’t spending the time actually teaching them what they really need to know.

You may also be wondering if  I wake up everyday wishing it were the weekend so I can go out and get shit-faced and hopefully pick up some piece of flesh that I couldn’t really care less about, or waste my days in fantasy sports leagues or on reality t.v. shows that benefit me in no way whatsoever. Absolutely not!

Since I was a small boy I have always seemed to go against the grain but was never sure why. The constant feeling I had that something in this world is very wrong always troubled me and caused me to make decisions that were detrimental to my happiness.

After years of this feeling of outside abuse I started to turn that sense of wrong inward and caused myself more pain and projected that pain outward on the people I loved. It was terribly wrong and I will regret those decisions and actions for the rest of eternity.

But I have come to realize that I have a strong intuition for things going on around me. Whether positive or negative my assumptions are usually spot-on.

I am in no way prophetizing myself, I have  just understand that if we start to trust our bodies and instincts more we can tune in to that higher power, or frequency or whatever label you want to put on it.

But every day we ignore those feelings there is an equal and opposite force using those dismissals against us. Sounds fucked up huh? I did to me at first too. But there is a wealth of information from credible sources out there that can confirm my insights. I will add links to them if you so desire. But for now I just need to get this info typed.

This is my final (probably not) plea to all off my friends and relatives who are glued to the vices that have been forced upon you. Sure you may have bought the hi-def t.v., or X-box, Wii, Ps3 or whatever the newest thing out is. But they have been designed to mesmerize you and your children and steal time from you and quality time away from your family and self, but think about it. For every hour spent on these vices or t.v. shows that is another hour that is used against you to devise ways to distract and manipulate you. So that wasted hour actually becomes two hours. No wonder they are so far ahead of us in their plans!

I emplore you to please start disconnecting from the distractions and start becoming more intuit to nature and your fellow man. And please start helping me educate and reprogram them and yourselves. It’s very painful and extremely unsettling but every step gets easier once you allow the real truth to come through you. It’s quite refreshing actually, to finally see that our minds have been programmed in a way to be harmful to us and the ones we love but made to felt like we enjoy it. Almost a type of Munchauser Syndrone. Pardon the spelling if it’s incorrect.

In closing I will simply say I love you all and hope you become aware of this evil before it’s too late. If it isn’t already.

When in doubt, READ!

And please share this blog post with everyone you may feel needs to read it. I how for their sake it’s helpful. A always comments are welcome.

  1. Bettie says:

    You are not alone – I am right there with you, Brother. There are many of us that feel the same as you – do not despair. We are fighting “the good fight” – unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the popular one at the moment. Every day I talk to people that are so uninformed – they have no idea what is going on in our country, let alone the world.

    When I read the executive order (NDRP) that obama signed on March 16 , I couldn’t stop shaking – scared? angry? BOTH! He gave himself the power to take ownership of any and all private property, private business, infrastructure, food, water, TV, Internet – EVERYTHING! And even force us into labor camps. He also gave authorization to his cabinet to guarantee loans to anyone they see fit. This is no longer America.

    On the same day, DHS and ICE ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition – coincidence? I don’t think so. This is going to get real bad, real fast. Sad thing is, most Americans don’t even know about this order yet – or what it will mean to their lives. PRAY and spread the word!

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