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Chemtrail Whistleblower Speaks

    About 4 years ago, through a series of synchronistic events, I ran into a very informed man.

He had family involved high up in the alphabet soup agencies and showed me so much involving this delicate issue. He found out that I was awake to the NWO which prompted the many conversations we had. He knew more than anyone I’ve known including the many researchers I’ve listened to throughout the years. I too, am an autodidact and skeptical of anyone who portrays knowing so much about things most can’t get any info about. This was 4 years ago, and since then, from my own research, everything he said has checked out and proved to be very accurate.

We’ll just call this man Robert. He was very cutting edge and ahead of the times as far as knowledge. The writings below are what he said and described, in detail, about the chemtrail operations taking place across the world. MORGELLONS.
This is a part of the puzzle that I hear very few talking about. It’s the hardest to conclude and most average system people would never buy it, but it remains extremely important.
He told me that what he called morgellons are polymer fibers which are found in chemtrail samples. Besides heavy metals, people find these fibers in samples when looking at them under microscopes. Some are microscopic, some can be seen with the naked eye. These fibers are found in countless people around the world so itʻs been theorized that everyone has them inside their body.The fibers are nano tech strands that grow and form a network inside our bodies. When a person has morgellons disease itʻs because their bodies are rejecting this stuff and it grows out of their skin.

Some people’s bodies don’t take to it and they have this kind of reaction. These poor victims are written off as nuts and hypochondriacs by the mainstream doctors. The fibers combine in our bodies and form an antenna to HAARP and other machines. Morgellons,

form a network from our brains, down our spine, to our reproductive organs. It makes us one big antenna. Basically they cover all of our chakra points. This program is all about mind control and dumbing us down, I believe. Please check out these 2 PDF files for more proof below:

How this connects to HAARP and chemtrails; They spray down the metals and fibers. We inhale or ingest them. HAARP is pulsing itʻs energy into the upper atmosphere and shooting back down into smaller antennas and transmitters like T.V. towers, cell phone towers, G.W.E.N. towers etc. Then, this energy is re-directed into smaller devices such as computers, cell phones, smart meters, wireless internet, HDTV boxes and even ipods. (all these things run off of the same elf energy) These devices are close to our bodies so they conduct with the charged fibers in us, in turn that helps the fibers build their self-replicating network.

Robert said another thing that feeds the “wire” (his other word for morgellons) is refined sugars. Notice how everywhere you go in this world thereʻs so much sugar in the food and everybody’s on their portable devices that constantly feed the morgellons. Right now the effect this has on humans is more subtle but when they turn HAARP up we will get the full effect. Robert said they incrementally turn it up a little higher each time. This also connects to weather control because they can move chemtrail clouds with these fibers to control cloud movement. Maybe move a storm where they want it etc. Who knows how far taken we are by the wire because all of us have some in us. Very few are away from this process so itʻs hard to gauge where are natural state without all this is. If you want some more information on the morgellon/ chemtrail connection, check out Clifford Carnicom’s in depth research.

Pieces of this puzzle are everywhere if you are willing to look.
I have actually spit visible fiber material out doing an important detox that I will send separately from this document. WEATHER MODIFICATION Robert said that most of the weather modification can be done with HAARP. However, our atmosphere is charged or in a plasma state thanks to chemtrails. This is perfect to conduct pulse weapons to possibly create man-made disasters. I noticed from my own research that they often spray into a storm front. One thing you can physically see is the HAARP clouds which look like the wireless internet symbol in the spray. Robert said that they spray before a storm to help better rain these poisons into the plants and our skin pours. Also, I think that all this crazy weather across the planet has to do somewhat with this massive accumulation of dumping non-stop for the last decade or more. While some of the weather could be natural, caused by solar flares and other natural phenomena, it’s hard to say with this one. GEO-ENGINEERING Everything he said matched what Michael Murphy has uncovered in his groundbreaking documentary, “What in the World are they Spraying.”

I’ve noticed weather has definitely been stranger than normal for at least the last seven years. I am a novice gardener but, I have noticed that my seeds have had a much harder time sprouting.

Another thing that Robert said is that they want to spray the wilderness as well because these metals and fibers can be seen on radar. Therefore, they can create a sort of the 3D image of areas which essentially makes hiding impossible. I donʻt have much to add here other then some friends in California have told me that a lot of trees have this white mold stuff growing on them which is killing forests. If we were to take samples, they would most likely indicate that this is from the spraying. One thing that chemtrails do is suck the oxygen levels from our environment. This effects anything alive. Imagine how it is in places like inner city Los Angeles where there are relatively no trees and just concrete for miles.

Oxygen is already starved in these environments. I personally don’t believe that they are trying to mitigate global warming with this. How can we make a good judgement until they clear all of this poison out of our skies? POPULATION CONTROL It seems that they also spray pathogens like the desecrated red blood cells found in samples from Clifford Carnicomʻs work. A lot of people get sick after a spray day. I personally often feel sedated after heavy spraying. I didnʻt get to this subject with Robert because when the guy talked he was like a spouting encyclopedia. When they spray, a lot of people across the islands suddenly have the same thing. No cold, but fatigue and upper respiratory illness. I have some kind of infection and I never get sick.

They probably would like to kill off as many people who have weak immune systems as they can. We could also be falling victim to barium poisoning as well. I wouldn’t put it past the elite to kill us off. PLANES He said that most planes are run by remote control, not pilots. Others are flown by pilots who are chipped. Locally here in Hawaii I know of a story where a lady visited a natural doctor we know who owns a health food store and it turns out that the Lady told the doctor she sprays the skies for the military. She told the doctor that she doesn’t know why she does it, she just does what she’s told. She was seeing the natural doctor because she keeps getting sick. Little to say here, but that’s a small lead.

CONCLUSION: Regardless of what a guy you’ll never meet named Robert said, this is how it is – use your own judgement and critical thinking. Most of the evidence is laid out in front of us, if one actually does the research. Everyone has something they can contribute to help make others aware of something so huge, yet right above our heads. This is massive, and nobody is un-effected by it. If you choose to ignore it, it won’t go away and it will destroy our lives and the planet even quicker. There are multiple programs being conducted.

All are forms of playing God which is what the NWO is, satanists trying to be God over the planet. Killing off our immune systems, killing off the natural world, replacing it with genetically modified seeds, completely manipulating our bodies, using us as antennas, and changing the weather, all makes one wonder what is the end goal of all of this? What are they preparing us for?

Full spectrum domination is for sure, that much we know.


In recent months I have lost contact with people I love and respect for my continual barrage of political information I choose to share on my social network page. I have been told that I am acting like I’m better than them or I make them feel like I’m putting them down for having fun and living a care free life.

I’m sorry if you felt personally attacked. Most of my posts were meant generally and I only ever rebutted when you decided to share your opinions on the info I provided. Some of the conversations got pretty heated and I reacted in ways that actually went against the original point I was trying to make. My most sincere apologies!

But here are the cold hard facts.

We have become a society full of consumption, self indulgence and ignorance. Myself included. I’m not making any attempt to say I’m more righteous or smarter than anyone that reads this, but the information that is becoming more and more accessible is causing me to see that I am a few steps ahead of an enormous quantity of my fellow men and women.

We have got to get out of the ‘fast food, high school keg stand’ frame of mind and force ourselves into a very uncomfortable realization that we are being turned into nameless, faceless slaves that mean nothing to the people in charge but an avenue to facilitate their desires.

They have forced our children to obey everything they say without any questioning or be punished, and more recently have decided that you are their property and everything you do, say or buy, or even anywhere you go, is at their discretion.

The cars you buy, or the house, or equipment, food, appliances, pets, anything, can now be taken from you without any means of legal refusal or recourse.

We have got to stand tall guys, we need to let go of those vices we have become so dependent upon and start doing things to perpetuate our survival.

Do I drink? Sure do. Love my Champagne of Beers. Do I smoke? Unfortunately yes. A demon I have yet to overcome. Did I involve my children in sports under the guise of exercise, social interaction and a feeling of doing what’s in their best interest? Sure did. And I’m sure it was good for them in some way, but with the things I know now I realize I wasn’t spending the time actually teaching them what they really need to know.

You may also be wondering if  I wake up everyday wishing it were the weekend so I can go out and get shit-faced and hopefully pick up some piece of flesh that I couldn’t really care less about, or waste my days in fantasy sports leagues or on reality t.v. shows that benefit me in no way whatsoever. Absolutely not!

Since I was a small boy I have always seemed to go against the grain but was never sure why. The constant feeling I had that something in this world is very wrong always troubled me and caused me to make decisions that were detrimental to my happiness.

After years of this feeling of outside abuse I started to turn that sense of wrong inward and caused myself more pain and projected that pain outward on the people I loved. It was terribly wrong and I will regret those decisions and actions for the rest of eternity.

But I have come to realize that I have a strong intuition for things going on around me. Whether positive or negative my assumptions are usually spot-on.

I am in no way prophetizing myself, I have  just understand that if we start to trust our bodies and instincts more we can tune in to that higher power, or frequency or whatever label you want to put on it.

But every day we ignore those feelings there is an equal and opposite force using those dismissals against us. Sounds fucked up huh? I did to me at first too. But there is a wealth of information from credible sources out there that can confirm my insights. I will add links to them if you so desire. But for now I just need to get this info typed.

This is my final (probably not) plea to all off my friends and relatives who are glued to the vices that have been forced upon you. Sure you may have bought the hi-def t.v., or X-box, Wii, Ps3 or whatever the newest thing out is. But they have been designed to mesmerize you and your children and steal time from you and quality time away from your family and self, but think about it. For every hour spent on these vices or t.v. shows that is another hour that is used against you to devise ways to distract and manipulate you. So that wasted hour actually becomes two hours. No wonder they are so far ahead of us in their plans!

I emplore you to please start disconnecting from the distractions and start becoming more intuit to nature and your fellow man. And please start helping me educate and reprogram them and yourselves. It’s very painful and extremely unsettling but every step gets easier once you allow the real truth to come through you. It’s quite refreshing actually, to finally see that our minds have been programmed in a way to be harmful to us and the ones we love but made to felt like we enjoy it. Almost a type of Munchauser Syndrone. Pardon the spelling if it’s incorrect.

In closing I will simply say I love you all and hope you become aware of this evil before it’s too late. If it isn’t already.

When in doubt, READ!

And please share this blog post with everyone you may feel needs to read it. I how for their sake it’s helpful. A always comments are welcome.

Here’s what I see.

We have been crippled.  Crippled by debt, crippled by deception, and crippled by fear.

I see that we have been duped into thinking that what we say matters. That is false.

It is time to act.

We have been slaves to a system that thought long ago to find ways to manipulate us in a way that gives us confidence to further their motives while stripping our identity and freedom.

This must stop.

Every time I try to put type to screen I am bogged down in thought and research that I’m not sure I’ll ever get everything out in a way that people can understand, but I keep trying. The problem is I think the time for talk is over.

Action is inevitable.

From the day we were created we have been used as a commodity by bankers who think they own us.

Just that sentence should infuriate you. Not because I wrote it but because it’s true.

It’s time to turn off the t.v., the xbox and the attitude and start grouping.

They have now made our right to assemble an illegal act. The next step is for them to pick us all up and concentrate us into their areas of control.

Does any of this sound familiar?
It does to me. Auschwitz.

We have lost all property rights and rights to travel freely. They are clamping down because they see that we (some of us anyway) are aware of their final move to world domination and we are making them nervous. But we need bigger numbers.

The Revolutionary War was fought and won by roughly 3% of the population but today that won’t be enough. Back then the freedom fighters had the same weapons as their opponent but today we can be wiped out by remote controlled drones.

The one thing they have no control over is our love of liberty and our fellow man.

Please join in the fight for Liberty before they start eliminating us.

When you hear talk of a fight between good and evil? W are in that fight right now.

In a Nutshell

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Freedom

This is probably one of the most heated debates going on in the world right now and I just want to give my perspective. This in no way reflects my personal belief on the subject. 

Gay marriage.

Now, there are many people that think being homosexual is a genetic trait, and studies have been done to the extent that I don’t even know what was concluded. There is also an equal amount of people who think homosexuality is a social condition (not sure how else to put it) caused by trauma, up-bringing etc.

Now my observation, is this. If people that are more on the side of the genetic argument (wether pro or anti), stick to that belief, then eventually the genetic trait would die out merely from the fact of non-natural inability to procreate right? So in essence it would be considered on the brink of extinction. Unless, you try to interject my next point into your argument thus nullifying your own.

This next point for the people that believe it is more of a social/environmental issue. Instead of attacking said people you consider to be traumatized(again, wether pro or anti), would it not be in your best interest to befriend them if your beliefs and actions could facilitate their recovery of what you consider unnatural/immoral behavior? Instead of reinforcing their so-called behavioral issue by using hate speak or religious attacks? Unless you interject my first point into your argument thus nullifying your beliefs also.

My final point is this- stay the fuck out of peoples bedrooms and keep whatever you do in yours to yourselves. We’d all be much happier no?

Marry a goat if you want, as long as the goat consents, who should judge? Not me.

I’ll be over here with the Paulbots if you need me. And thanks for reading.